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In-Home Consultation

Initial Visit - $250 (1-2 hrs)
Follow Up - $200 (~1 hr)

Does just the thought of leaving the house with a newborn stress you out? Don’t worry mama, I am happy to come to you. I'll bring all my equipment and you can stay in your pj’s with your mom bun! At an in-home consult, I’ll do an assessment of baby including a thorough oral assessment. I will get baby’s weight, assess a feeding, and do a weighted feeding where we’re able to see exactly how much milk baby transfers while breastfeeding. I’ll measure you for a proper flange size for if you’re ever needing to pump, and we’ll discuss any and all questions/concerns you have. All consults include an individualized care plan specific to you and your baby that I’ll share with you after your visit. Everything we discussed will be typed up for you to review. After the consult you’ll be able to message me through my HIPAA compliant client communication portal for 2 weeks with any questions/concerns or updates. Additionally, I am able to fax a copy of your visit report to either you or your baby’s doctors at no additional charge.

In-Office Consultation

Initial Visit - $200 (1-2 hrs)
Follow Up - $150 (~1 hr)

At an office visit, we’ll do all the same things as in a home visit, and you’ll get all the same follow up, but at my office located in Fulda, MN. My office’s address is 101 N St. Paul Avenue and is in the Offices on Main Building connected to Vitality Fitness. PJ’s and mom buns still welcome here.


Virtual Consultation

Initial Visit - $150 (1-1.5 hrs)
Follow Up - $100 (30-60 min)

Virtual consults will occur via my secure & HIPAA compliant telehealth system. During this consultation, I’ll still assess a feeding if desired, and we’ll discuss any and all concerns/questions that you have. If desired, I can fit you for flanges during this visit as well. Just as with the in-person consults, you’ll have access to the secure & HIPAA compliant client portal/messaging system for 2 weeks following the visit for if you have questions/concerns after we log off. I’ll also share a typed up individualized care plan with you following the visit with everything we discussed.

Pumping Consultation

Initial Visit - $100 (~1 hr)
Follow Up - $50 (~30 min)

This consult is great for the exclusively pumping mom, or those who will be doing a fair amount of pumping & are looking for guidance with expressing milk. At this consult we’ll size you for the correct flange size, go over breast pump options if you haven’t yet gotten a breast pump (or will review the settings of your current pump), and will discuss all things pumping- including when, how, and how often to pump. Following the visit you’ll receive an individualized care plan typed up with everything we discussed and will have access to the HIPAA compliant client communication system for 2 weeks following for any additional questions/concerns that arise.


Return to Work Consultation

$100 (~1 hr)

Return to work consults will focus on the working mom and how to continue to provide breast milk for your baby while returning to work. This will be specific to you, your work, and home life situation. We’ll discuss how to maintain a solid milk supply when going back to work and will discuss expressing milk effectively, pumping, size you for flanges if you haven’t had this done yet, and will go over pump settings. Following the visit, I will provide you with a document of everything we discussed and you’ll have access to the client communication portal for 2 weeks following the consult for any additional questions/concerns that may come up.

Prenatal Consultation

$100 (~1 hr)

During a prenatal consult I’ll give you tips for how to start your breastfeeding journey out on the right foot and what to do if things don’t go as planned. We’ll discuss your goals with breastfeeding and will cover the things you’ll absolutely want and need to know about breastfeeding prior to having a baby. Following this visit, you’re able to send me questions via the HIPAA compliant client communication portal for the two weeks following the consult, and I’ll send you a document of everything we discussed, so there’s no need to remember everything or take notes during your visit!


Flange Size Fittings

$35 (~15 min)

Flange size fittings are pretty straight forward. We’ll fit you for flange sizes & I’ll recommend a flange size based off of my assessment. I have most flange sizes available to try on to ensure a good fit for you prior to purchasing & will assess a partial pump to ensure proper fit. After your fitting, I will provide a document to you with your flange size and other helpful pumping information & tips.

Breastfeeding Class

Coming Soon!



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